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How Can You Be Happier, More Energetic and Full of Life?

Do you have trouble enjoying life?
Do you find it hard to be happy?
Do your thoughts hit road blocks?

The condition is NOT normal — and YOU can handle it.

The Purification Program is a detoxification program which enables an individual to rid himself of the harmful effects of drugs, toxins and other chemicals that lodge in the body and create a biochemical barrier to spiritual well-being.

We live in a chemical-oriented society. Virtually everyone is regularly subjected to an intake of food preservatives, pesticides, atmospheric poisons and the like. Add to this the panoply of medical and street drugs generally consumed and the gravity of the problem becomes obvious.

These drugs and toxins can put an individual into a condition which not only prohibits and destroys physical health, but which can prevent any stable advancement in mental or spiritual well-being.

In the 1970s, while working with cases that had previously used drugs, Mr. Hubbard’s research revealed that LSD stays in the system for years after ingestion, lodging in the fatty tissues of the body. Months or even years later, a person can re-experience a “trip” as LSD residues dislodge from the fatty tissue.

Subsequent research revealed that a long list of other street drugs, chemical poisons, toxic substances and medical drugs can similarly lodge in the body and cause a person to re-experience their effects.

In answer, Mr. Hubbard developed the Purification Program to meet a growing threat to spiritual advancement and well-being stemming from the more and more common use of drugs and biochemical substances in the current culture.

The Purification Program is a tightly supervised regimen of exercise, sauna and nutrition. It is conducted in a properly ordered schedule to include sufficient rest. In combination, it results in the elimination of drug residues and other toxins from the body’s fatty tissues.

The Purification Program and its underlying discoveries have enabled hundreds of thousands to free themselves from the harmful effects of drugs and toxins and so achieve spiritual gains.


The Purification Program Successes

Why has this program been called the only effective Purification program? One word: results. Over 250,000 people around the world have used this program to think clearly and improve their life.

Upon entering the program, I had a vague, disoriented state of mind from many years of social [drug] abuse. Approximately one third through the program, I felt my mind quite obviously becoming clearer than it’s been for several years. Halfway through, my color perception and audio perception improved. This state of mind enhanced my creative attitude. At the end of the program I was awakening continuously, every day with this wonderful state of being.” K. L.

I had used drugs ranging from marijuana to freebasing cocaine as well as others in between for three years straight. I was failing in school, disliked myself and had absolutely no inkling as to what I was doing or where I was going in life. The only time I had  ‘fun’ was when I was high on drugs.
“I then started the Purification Program and finished in two weeks.
“I have been a changed person ever since! My IQ rose fifteen points from the time I started to completion of the Purification Program.
“I am alive, I no longer have a fog around me — I can see what is really going on in my life rather than living in a ‘fairyland.’ I have been off drugs for six years now and I am a productive person in the society.
“The Purification program completely changed my life. Many thanks to L. Ron Hubbard for caring enough to invest his life in bettering mankind.” G.S.

The Purification Program has changed my life, my physical well-being and my attitude towards a much better existence of survival. I no longer have to look over my shoulder for ‘the enemy’ (which wasn’t there) or walk carefully through any grassy areas (looking for land mines which don’t exist) so that I can live another day. It has opened a door for me—a door through which I can experience life.  “I feel healthy and I am aware that I am in control of my life which has been hampered prior to the Purification Program by toxins.” W.B.

The Purification Program

can improve
personality — and IQ!

The dramatic benefits of the Purification program are illustrated with the Oxford Capacity Analysis personality graphs, above, of two individuals who did the Purification program. The dotted line shows test results before the Purification program, the solid line after. These individuals also had IQ increases of 6 points and 8 points respectively

Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of the Purification program described in Clear Body Clear Mind?


The purpose of the Purification program is very simply to clean out and purify one’s system of all the accumulated impurities such as drugs and other toxic substances, such as food preservatives, insecticides, pesticides, etc.

What are some of the key factors in getting the most benefit from the program?

Get a sufficient amount of sleep daily.
Ensure you receive the correct ratio of running time to sauna time as described in the book.
Stick to the program sensibly and do not skip days or skimp or short-cut the prescribed daily schedule.
Take the correct ratio of vitamins and minerals in accordance with your progress on the program as given in the book.

Can the Purification program described in the book Clear Body Clear Mind raise a person's IQ?

Thousands of people have had their IQ tested before and after the program. We recently went to a center that uses the detoxification procedures contained in Clear Body Clear Mind. 56 tests were selected that showed IQ before and after doing the program. Out of the 56 tests, 46 showed positive increases in IQ, and of these, an average 8.8 point increase in IQ after doing the program. Two of the 46 tests even showed an increase in IQ greater than 30 points.

Can the Purification program reduce the risk of cancer?

While no medical claims are made for the Purification program, it has been shown through scientific research to reduce the levels of cancer causing agents in the body. Chemicals known to be carcinogenic such as PCBs have been shown in studies of the program to be reduced by as much as 97 percent. Further information on various carcinogenic compounds and case histories are found in Clear Body Clear Mind.

How long does the Purification program take?

The average time for the program is 2 – 3 weeks. However, it varies from individual to individual. Those who have taken extensive street or medical drugs or who have been heavily exposed to toxic substances average longer than those with a light drug/chemical exposure.

Will I lose weight by doing this program?

While weight loss is not a stated result of the program, many participants have reported losing weight from doing the Purification program. As described in the book, the program has a regimen that includes aerobic exercise, which has been shown to increase metabolism and promote fat loss.

Can the Purification program reduce the risk of heart disease?

While the purpose of the program is not to treat or cure disease, sometimes this has happened: The book contains a story of a woman who was diagnosed with arteriosclerosis and told she had less than two years to live by her doctor.

What vitamins am I required to take while on the program?

One generally takes vitamins A, D, B, B1, C, E as well as various minerals and a specific combination of calcium and magnesium.

Why did L. Ron Hubbard develop the Purification program?

L. Ron Hubbard developed the Purification program to meet a growing threat to mental and spiritual advancement and well-being stemming from the more and more common use of drugs and biochemical substances in the current culture. For further information on the program please read the program overview.

How long has the Purification program been in existence?

In 1977, while researching the harmful effects drugs have on a person’s spiritual advancement, Mr. Hubbard discovered that the drugs left residuals in the fatty tissue of the bodies of those who had taken them. He found that these residuals cause adverse reactions in these individuals months and even years later. He later extended this idea to other drugs and toxic compounds. Subsequently he developed and released a purification procedure that could safely reduce or eliminate the toxic chemicals accumulated in fatty tissues. To date over 250,000 people have used this program to reduce drug and chemical residuals in the body so they could think more clearly and have a happier and fuller life.

Has this program been scientifically documented?

Scientific studies done over the decades since the program’s inception provide repeated evidence of its effectiveness in eliminating toxins from the body. This work has shown beyond question that the program as described in the book, when followed exactly, can be remarkably effective. In fact, thousands upon thousands across the planet have freed themselves from the biochemical devastation caused by drugs and toxic substances as well as the harm from accumulated radiation. Details can be found in the book including studies done on men suffering from radiation exposure at the Chernobyl disaster, servicemen who were exposed to Agent Orange, users of cocaine, Valium addicts and more.

Papers documenting the effectiveness of Mr. Hubbard’s program have been published by such organizations as the World Health Organization, The Royal Swedish Academy of Science, the Society for Occupational and Environmental Health, and others as well as in proceedings of international conferences.

“Following treatment [with Hubbard’s detoxification method], both past and current drug users reported marked improvements in symptoms. . . . This detoxification program represents a vital innovation in drug rehabilitation: an approach aimed at a long term reduction of the predisposition for drug abuse.”

Reduction of Drug Residues: Applications in Drug Rehabilitation, Annual Meeting of the American Public Health Association, 1995.

Why would the average person need to do this program?

There has been an enormous volume of material written on the subject of toxic substances, their reported effects and the prospects for their handling. Examples abound in publications and news reports.

Unfortunately, the current environment has become permeated with these life-hostile elements. Drugs, radioactive wastes, pollutants and chemical agents of various types are all a part of the present scene and, apparently, become more and more prevalent as time goes on.

Putting it quite bluntly, this society, at this time, is riddled with toxic substances. Clear Body Clear Mind provides the only workable solution to this.

Is there a special diet required as part of the program?

There are no “special diets” required on this program. The person simply eats what he normally would, supplemented with plenty of properly prepared vegetables and the exact recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals.

How much time does the program take daily?

Five hours of exercise and sauna daily has been found to be ideal for the majority of people doing the program. It was observed that the program could be completed effectively in some cases on less than five hours per day, provided the person is getting benefit and change on the shorter schedule—from four hours down to a minimum of two and a half hours total.

Does one spend the whole time in the sauna?

No. The person stays in the sauna as long as they are comfortable. If the person gets too warm, the recommendation is to go out and take a cool shower and then go back into the sauna.

Why are so many vitamins and minerals taken as part of the program?

When one is sweating in volume, it has been shown to have a side effect of washing a lot of minerals as well as vitamins out of the system. Thus the intake of minerals, water and vitamin supplements is a necessity to replenish the deficiencies created while sweating during the program.





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